Who is this QR Code for?


One of the many, many problems with qrcodes is that the customer facing ones are not that different to the ones that are just part of the back end systems that get the products to you.

Above is an example of that back end breaking out into the real world.

An how the hell are are we supposed to know what’s meant for us and what’s meant for the guy sticking best before dates on the wrapper for me?

QR Codes on billboards

Spotted this (admittedly) creative version of a QR code in Hackney:

A few problems to my mind:

1. I couldn’t scan it from the other side of the road
2. They didn’t have any other info on the poster
3. The Red Hot Chilli Pepper don’t strike me as ‘this kind of thing’

Have a look at this blurry close up to see as bit more of it:

Be more human, Facebook

Wouldn’t it be nice if facebook allowed you to have a bit more humanity when responding to invites? Like, for example, if i really wanted to go to the event but wasn’t really sure if i could make it.

something like this:

After all, RSVPs should be just as considered as the invite in the first place.

We are human, after all.

Squeezing in a bit of interaction

I heard about this elsewhere but have only ever encountered it in the Co-operative supermarket just next to Silicon Roundabout:

I have to admit that i didn’t realy feel like answering a slightly vague question, and I suspect that even if my answer had been ‘no’ i probably wouldn’t have wanted to the till assistant to see me slating the shop, in case she spat in my raspberries.

A good idea in principle though.

Enhanced ‘stored value card’

From Urbanscale. A basic interface which allows your RFID travel card (i.e. Oyster card in London) to tell you how much is left on it.

Very good. I had a similar thought recently about this very thing. Solves the biggest problem with these kind of cards over cash: it’s difficult to see how much you got left. Where cash gradually disappears, your little card is unchanged by use.

Until now.

Click here to see the full article.

You wonder if it could also deliver other info such as service disruption.