Awful Tech Books

So, maybe i’m drifting off the main thrust of this site, but I haven’t really got another output for this kind of comment so i thought i’d do what any right minded nutcase with a website would do and post it.

Why is it that technical books for computer development are visually summarily terrible? Aren’t there any publishers out there with any desire to produce things of even the slightest semblance of beauty? Witness this abomination:

This is a genuine book cover from an eBook for sale for about $12, presumably in the style of the O’Reilly books with animals on. I’ve actually always admired O’Reilly for pursuing such a sureal line of book cover on which to be judged.

But the one above tipped me over the edge. The worst thing is when you open them up:

Someone sort this out please…


A response I wrote on Probably best to read the article first:

It’s always struck me that the lack of communication with the audience during changes to a brand is a big contributing factor to the public uproar when brands evolve (or revolve).

You wonder if a better dialogue during the transition might help, and if the dialogue shows up a weak methodology or and inappropriate outcome then so be it.

As the Graphic Design Industry comes of age, transparency, confidence and above all appropriateness of a solution should be our watchwords.

Of course ‘design by committee’ begets compromise, but there must be a middle ground somewhere, rather than ‘here’s the logo, that’ll be £50,000? which is how most people see things at the moment.

Communication of communication design, call it MetaComms. But more importantly, what do you think…