Criteo is creepy, yo

Funny how something can suddenly invade your consciousness and personal space. Just an hour ago I was talking to someone about an unsettling advertising banner that seemed to know what she’d been looking at with content that was pretty much her recently viewed items – but on a completely unrelated site.

The company behind it is called Criteo and they’ve got some high profile clients such as Debenhams, John Lewis and Office, with the adverts showing up the The Guardian, Bebo and Youtube. And they might just ruin your christmas too.

It raises some interesting questions about privacy, especially on a public machines. But the biggest problem is the invasiveness of it.

It’s not a smart system helping to remind you what you were looking at, it’s a spy who pops up to keep selling you shit after you’ve left the shop.

Q: Would you expect it in real life?

A: No ruddy way!

p.s. Don’t ask why I was on Bebo

Façade as advertising opportunity

Waterloo Station façace

I’m not sure what to make of this. I saw it first over on anitmega it then swiftly popped up on the Creative Review blog too.

So, basically, the guys at Waterloo Station in London have spotted a revenue stream in the façade of their building. Nothing especially surprising about it, in fact the video (below) demonstrates some reasonable good surface mapping which means that the projection falls neatly onto the arch – it makes for an interesting ‘artboard’ to work with.

The only onion in the ointment is the particular façade they’ve chosen to pimp out. The Victory Arch is a war memorial to the staff members who were killed in the First World War. The demo video of the wall collapsing in front of your very eye seems like a particularly trite image, all considered.

The real question that comes out of this is one of restraint. Will anyone be regulating (or at least questioning) the content which is allowed to be beamed around the place. I suppose there’s nothing stopping the same thing happening on billboards. Will anyone bat an eyelid when they project an advert for World of Warcraft on to the monument?

Maybe i’m overthinking. maybe we’ll get clever interventions like this:

Dualing bilboards in America, on teh left Audi taunts: “Your move BMW”

“Checkmate” retorts the Beemer garage.

Not exactly subtle. But then, we are talking about billboards. and the Advertising industry.