TfL rolling out new walking maps

As the growing legacy influence of Legible London spreads out across the TfL network you will now find the new walking maps at some bus stops (presumably all sooner or later).

Apart from looking great, and linking perfectly with the new cycle hire maps they represent an marked improvement in the level of information available to those getting off the bus, and to those a bit lost who gravitate towards the bus stop as a place of information.

One complaint: no ‘you are here’ information, obviously it’s difficult to do this without needing lots of one-off artworks, but they could at least have included the bus stop codes, that way you can at least work out where you are by looking at the stop codes on top of the stop you’re at.

The 3D buildings are looking great too. Have a look at the Barbican in all it’s architectural glory.

Ah well, patience my dears…

Bus Flags of the world

Bus flags, sometimes know and Bus IDs are the minimum required signage for a location to be used as a bus stop. In most cases it’s a flat panel at the top of a pole. Sizes vary, as does the information on the flag.

Flag in this context seems to have two possible meanings: either the resemblance to a flag:

or the acting of waving your arm (like a flag) in order to get a bus to stop, also known as hailing:

So, what different kinds of bus flag will you find around the world? Continue reading “Bus Flags of the world”