Unordered List

Sorting out the old Google Analiytcs today and needed to choose my country from the list. All normal there.

In trying to be useful they’ve put a select list of countries at the top the list, which means that the UK is now next to Taiwan and Afganistan (list-wise of course).

But is this that helpful?

No, not without a bit more thought and some way to draw attention to the funny list order.

Nice try, close, no cigar Google, sorry.

Awesome Data Visualisation

Found via how about this for a fun way to visualise city data:,9425600&cc=bj&s=s%26wd%3D??%26c%3D289%26src%3D0&sc=0

Somewhere between Sim City and Google Maps. In fact exaclty half way between the two. It takes a while to load up but it’s worth it for the quality of illustration, let alone the fact that it contains useful data.

No idea what it says though.

Google the not so great

A couple of aggregated quotes from Google:

We’re not editors, we never will be

we use a broad set of signals to come up with what are hopefully the most interesting suggestions

We get the data for Google Maps from various different third party providers, such as Yellow Pages listings, or through trawling the web

The Google Books settlement is injecting more competition in to the digital books space, so it’s understandable why our competitors might fight hard to prevent more competition