3D Maps

As more and more tech and data companies scramble to get the next big thing in mapping Yell.com has entered the fray with 3D view on their map site.

While coverage is excellent, the close detail betrays the technology underpinning it. It’s interesting though, through a largely automated process it’s possible to show a textured 3D model of an entire city.

i’m not quite sure what you’d use it for, but we live in times of technology being born before it’s most obvious use is clear.


Piano Stairs

An interesting way to influence pedestrian flow.

Can you encourage people to use the stairs instead of the escalator? The answer seems to be a resounding yes we can.

Interesting to see the blurring of interface, architecture, public realm etc etc. I wonder if this could be a feasible and fixed part of a space, or maybe the magic is there because the environment is only there for a couple of days and weeks.

From SwissMiss.