The Moscow Subway Map, redesigned

Having worked on similar projects elsewhere in the world, it was of particular interest when I found this post via about the redesign of the moscow subway map (or should that be ‘diagram’).

Here’s the before:

and the after:

Not a massive change, but then these kind of projects call for evolution not revolution. If you change too much at once you’ll lose people. Literally.

Have a look at the full process here:

Zurich’s On Tram Information

Just stumbled over these images of the on tram information in Zurich.


From the Flickr page of the photo taker: “Many of the trams on the ZVV system carry these signs, indicating what stops are coming up, with an ETA to each, and what you can connect to at those stops. In this case, there are no connections at the next three stops, but you could meet bus route #79 at Auzelg. In some cases, when approaching a stop that has connections, the screen will expand to show when the next train from each route is expected to arrive at that stop.”

They seem to show interchanges and be animated…